Courier Services In Singapore

Courier services around the world as documented by Syndit can be vastly differing. In this case, we shall just touch about courier services in Singapore alone.

There are several very reliable and professional private courier companies in Singapore like PCA Masters Pte Ltd and ixpress647. These are local courier companies started by individual entrepreneurs in Singapore. Most of them hire both bikers as well as van / car drivers to perform courier deliveries locally in Singapore. They are also private owned and they provide door to door delivery services through the bikers and drivers they engage.

There is also the state registered mail post by SingPost. This is also a form of courier service but one of the biggest differences is that SingPost requires you to drop by their branch office to pass your goods to them before they will help you perform deliveries. This is certainly not a door to door delivery service… which is why SingPost (Speedpost) can be quite inconvenient for customers who only want door to door delivery services. There are many instances where the sender simply has no time or luxury to queue up for at least 20 to 30 minutes at the local Speedpost office. In such situations, Speedpost’s courier services would definitely not be your most preferred choice.

Finally, there are the large courier companies like DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, e.t.c. These are international freight and courier companies. However, one thing you might want to note is that they are very cheap and affordable for international freight and delivery services, but when it comes to local Singapore deliveries, local courier companies like PCA Masters and Regent would probably perform better and at more affordable rates.

It is important for you to fully understand the above before you decide to engage any of their services. Although analysing too much can make you feel very confused, the above information is just basic and you should ideally know them.

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