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Should You Hire A Deliveryman Or Engage Courier Services?

Deciding whether they should hire a deliveryman or engaging courier service in Singapore is a common question asked by many business owners and managers in Singapore.

When you hire a deliveryman, you may appear to have more control over him or her and when you engage courier services in Singapore, you may feel like you’re paying more. However, the truth cannot be further from that.

Here’s what the truth is:

Working on weekends:

  • When you hire a deliveryman employee, you aren’t able to easily get them to work on weekends and perform emergency delivery services if that is not explicitly written in their employment contract.
  • However, when you engage courier services, you are able to get your items delivered at night or on weekends as long as you pay a tiny surcharge.

Paying of CPF:

  • Whether you like it or not, you need to pay CPF for your employee in Singapore if you were to hire an in house deliveryman.
  • If you engage a courier company for your delivery needs, then all you need is to pay them per delivery. Therefore, you do not incur additional costs that shouldn’t apply to you.


  • You cannot choose to randomly increase or decrease your deliveryman’s salary just because you have differing delivery requirements from a month to month basis.
  • You will always pay an amount proportionate to your delivery requirements per month. You do not pay more or less than that and this is great for companies which have highly varying needs for deliveries on a per month basis!

Managing of couriers:

  • If you hired a deliveryman employee in Singapore, you would need to handle their leave application, their CPF payments and the many employee issues.
  • When you outsource your deliveries, it is simple to just ask the administration or sales staff in the Singapore courier company to handle your deliveries, and they will handle everything else. It is a great way to take your mind off such menial tasks such as deliveries and concentrate on the main work that you have. Putting such delivery work to a SIngapore courier company will save you lots of time and money in the long run!