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Understanding Pricing For Courier Companies In Singapore

If you are a business owner who requires courier services for yourself or your company, then chances are, you would be highly interested in knowing about the pricing for courier companies in Singapore so that you can make the right decision when choosing a Singapore courier company to work with in the long term.

Here are the various methods which courier companies in Singapore use to price their services.

The most common method would be the distance method. Clearly, distance between the pick up and delivery locations within Singapore would be an important factor when it comes to pricing. Some courier companies will separate the various regions in Singapore according to city and then various outskirts as well. Charges would apply according for these places.

Also, a common pricing technique among courier services in Singapore would be the charges according to weight and item type. Most courier companies would allocate a rider (motorcycle) to pick up and deliver your item(s) if they were documents. This is because it can be easily kept in the storage box of a motorcycle. However, if you are going to need courier services for parcel(s) or fragile item(s), then a motorcycle may not be the best idea! In such a case, a courier driving a van would be allocated to you. Therefore, you would definitely be charged more for parcel(s) deliveries versus a document delivery.

Weight also matters up till a certain extent. Most courier companies charge extra if your weight exceeds whatever their set limit is. Beyond that, you would need to pay extra if you want to deliver your item(s) with them..

In a nutshell, there are usually many extra charges on top of a courier service’s base rate. Therefore, before blindly signing up with a company, clarify everything with them first. Additionally, rates may be different (which is usually the case) for companies which requires higher volume of deliveries for every month.